Interview with Arushi Sinha from Kinda Desi

Hi friends. I am Nikita Sharma, your host and owns this blog - Honoring Womens Right, where I interview some of my friends, and influencers in the industry.

I am happy, really happy to officially start my blog - so this would be the starting of the interview series of the womens in the blogging sector.

Today we have Arushi Sinha from Kinda Desi blog where she shares whatsapp statuses, messages, sms and so on.

So today I would interview Arushi Sinha in this blog and tell you her story on how she get started with Kinda Desi blog and what's her future plan with blogging.

Welcome, Arushi Sinha in my blog.

Question 1: Please introduce yourself to our readers Arushi.

Ans: I'm glad to be a part of this interview series. And is honoured to share my story with your readers Nikita. Well, this is my very first interview so I am also a bit nervous cause I am wondering what all the questions to be asked. You know what, I am literally in love with blogging.

I would do it as a full time job in future. I love fashion, clothes, and love singing and dancing. When I am doing nothing, I prefer listening to songs.

Question 2: How you grow your blog basically?

Ans: Tough question. I am getting used to search engine optimization, I am regular readers to some of blogs who share interesting tips and guides on blogging. Like Bishal was kind enough to tell me about Ptengine, what basically ptengine does is; it makes a heatmap type all over your site, and visualize where exactly is your visitors clicking. I found ptengine pretty interesting and moreover you can get ptengine for free.

Question 3: Where you find stuffs to write?

Ans: I mostly go through Wikipedia, and scrape contents topics from there. I really find it great that how elaborately does Wikipedia manages everything.

Question 4: What's your next plan?

Ans: Nothing much. I would grow my blog. Learn many new things from blogs. Maybe I would join any coaching for advance training. Haven't planned much yet.

Question 5: Well, that's all. Any suggestion for my readers?

Ans: Just found out you started this blog, really great. Just do what you are doing you would succeed afterall.

That's it readers. I hope you find this informative please feel free to comment on my blog since it's the very first post I have published so would really appreciate your comment.